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Junior Olympic Recap - Anchorage, Alaska

Junior Olympics ~ Anchorage, Alaska
Special Jumping - Nordic Combined

"Special" is the first word that comes to mind when reflecting upon last week's junior olympic events, held in Anchorage, Alaska. From the Opening Ceremonies where Mt. McKinley was clearly visible from 200 miles away, to the exciting cross-country races and jumping that concluded the week, it was a breathtaking and exciting week every step of the way.

Highlights from the Central jumpers and nordic combiners were wonderful events to be involved in. The Central Division exhibited camaraderie and sportmanship that made every parent proud; from moments of shared sadness to high-fives and hugs.

The competitors from Central Division are proud to announce the special jumping, gold medal winner and other Central finishers ~

1. Christian Friberg
6. Brian Wallace
9. A.J. Brown
11. Connor Jacobsen
12. Kevin Bickner
13. Tyler Hutchins
14. James Cady
15. Andre Denney
19. Tyler Baran
22. Casey Larson
27. Nick Mattoon
29. Trevor Edlund
32. Somer Schrock

Many Central skiers went out of their way to support our nordic combiners and some last minute athletes joined in the sprint race, many on borrowed or rented skis, thanks to AMH out of Anchorage.


Christian Friberg, Tyler Hutchins, Andre Denney, Somer Schrock, Kevin Bickner, Brian Wallace, James Cady, Tyler Baran, Casey Larson, Nick Mattoon, and Trevor Edlund.

Team Jumping Competition produced second-place, silver medal winners ~ with a trip to the podium each receiving a medal.

2. Christian Friberg
2. Brian Wallace
2. AJ Brown
2. Connor Jacobsen

Central Team 2 missed bronze by one point, placing fourth over all in the team comp. We are very proud to announce:
4. Andre Denney
4. James Cady
4. Kevin Bickner
4. Tyler Hutchins

In 8th place we are happy to announce:
8. Trevor Edlund
8. Nick Mattoon
8. Casey Larson
8. Tyler Baran

Long-standing Jumping Competition was a nail-biting fight to the finish, with the field of jumpers being cut in 1/2 to 16, then 8, then 4 and finally 2 jumpers.

In the field of 8 jumpers our four silver medal winners walked back up the stairs for another round, producing two final jumpers; Brian and Christian!! The first jump came out to a tie; both 69 meters!! After a huge hug between the two, they marched back up to compete once more ~ to give us the final gold medal, long distance jumper and second place finisher, both from St. Paul!

1. Brian Wallace
2. Christian Friberg
4. AJ Brown
7. Connor Jacobsen

Not to out-do the competition one bit, many jumpers and families were able to spy moose, bald eagles, and black bear. The mountain views were astonishing and of course, the ceremonial start to the Iditarod was an unforgettable finish to the week.

Central Division Junior Olympic Team Announced

Emilee Anderson—Eau Claire Flying Eagles Special Jumping

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AJ Brown - Norge Special Jumping
Brian Wallace - St. Paul Special Jumping
Trevor Edlund - St. Paul Special Jumping
Christian Friberg - St. Paul Special Jumping
Connor Jacobson - Norge Special Jumping
Andre Denney - Itasca Nordic Combined and Special Jumping
James Cady - Iola Special Jumping
Tyler Hutchins - Itasca Nordic Combined and Special Jumping
Kevin Bickner - Norge Special Jumping
Tyler Baran - Tri-Norse Nordic Combined and Special Jumping
Ben Loomis - EauClaire Special Jumping
Casey Larson- Norge Special Jumping
Nick Mattoon - EauClaire Special Jumping
Somer Schrock - Itasca Nordic Combined

Blackhawk Recap
Blackhawk had a fantastic day for their annual winter tournament. 35F, bright sun, a westerly breeze and plenty of snow on the ground. New hill records on the 60m and 30m jumps. A combined x-c race on the groomed and difficult Blackhawk trails provided an additional opportunity for Central kids to compete. Approximately 60 kids from as far away as Itasca enjoyed a day of great day of highly skilled competition, food and fun.

A big thanks of course to all the parents, coaches and officials.
Ski-jumping is an individual sport but without the teamwork of all those involved it simply wouldn't happen. The Blackhawk family is proud to be a part of it all and thanks all who came.

Ski News

Central Award Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the USSA Central Division 2008 Skier Awards. The voting took place at the Spring Panel meeting.

Skier of the Year

- Johnny Lyons
Theresea Altobelli Award for Central Female Skier -

Karin Friberg
John R Lyons Award for Best Overall Junior Jumper -

Adam Loomis
Best NC Male -
Daniel Englund
Best NC Female -
Nita Englund

Art Knudsen Award for Most Improved Junior Male Skier -
Trevor Edlund

Milt Aasen Award for Most Improved Junior Female Skier -
Michaela Arneson

2008 Central Division Junior Olympic Team

Nita Englund—Kiwanis Nordic Combined and Special Jumping
Emilee Anderson—Eau Claire Flying Eagles Nordic Combined and Special Jumping

Adam Loomis—Eau Claire Flying Eagles Nordic Combined and Special Jumping
Nick Nalbach—Tri-Norse Special Jumping
Brian Wallace—St. Paul Special Jumping
Connor Jacobsen—Norge Special Jumping
A.J, Brown—Norge Special Jumping
Tyler Hutchins-Itasca Nordic Combined and Special Jumping
Christian Friberg—St. Paul Special Jumping
Andre Denney—Itasca Nordic Combined and Special Jumping
Tyler Baran—Tri-Norse Nordic Combined and Special Jumping
Trevor Edlund—St. Paul Special Jumping
Kyle Rodgers—Itasca Special Jumping
Philip Millimaki—Ishpeming Special Jumping
James Cady—Iola Special Jumping


Central junior women's ski jumper Karin Friberg sent the following note regarding new women's ski jumping t-shirts and souvenirs available via online order:

I designed t-shirts for all the girls. I especially thought it would be cool for all the girls attending the girls camp in park city to have one, but they are open for anyone to buy! Also note that even though it says Baby as one of the headers, I really included a child's size t-shirt, which happens to be put under that category. Unfortunately the kid's shirts didn't come in pink. So if you want a pink one, it has to be in women's sizes.
Article on lack of Women's ski jumping in the Olympics
There is an interesting article in the New York Times by Maureen Dowd
re: lack of Women's ski jumping in the Olympics.

Masters in Hiterzarten, Germany
Tom Ricchio and Darcy Oligney......

Ski Jumping Coach Inducted Into Masters Hall Of Fame
Coming soon: A Great Article on Brady Emerson by Tom Ricchio

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